Jump Ahead 2000 Year 2

Jump Ahead 2000 Year 2

Developed by Focus Multimedia Limited
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Focus Multimedia Limited

Every parent knows how hard is to keep a child focused and entertained when it comes to school. And there's one aspect that takes the most importance: fun. When children enjoy activities, everything seems to be easier. That's exactly what Jump Ahead aims to.

Jump Ahead 2000 Year 2 has been especially designed with comprehensive, educational, fun activities to keep a child entertained all year, providing support in every aspect of the National Curriculum. CJ the frog and his sidekick Newton will be the protagonists of the adventures the children will go through in Jump Ahead 2000 Year 2. They'll embark on a journey to their secret clubhouse. Children must solve 24 challenges using maths, reading, logic, music and other Year 2 skills. This edition also features Assessment Technology™ and a printable workbook.

MATH Activities and contents are:
* Addition and subtraction
* Multiplication
* Money value
* Measuring and weighing
* Logic

READING Activities and contents are:
* Spelling
* Parts of Speech
* Reading comprehension
* Nouns, verbs and adjectives

OTHER Activities and contents are:
* European geography
* British history
* Solar system
* Art and music

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